Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bday Madness: August

Hello chicas this is more of a personal post and a small recap that prob does no justice as this was my Birthday month and the great times I had have been countless. As I get older I start forgetting about material gifts less and less and appreciating more the company and warmth that my friends and family give me as that will never wear off in my heart or mind nor will it go out of style this will remain with me forever.

I appreciate everyone in my life including this wonderful outlet that is in form of a blog and all the lovely readers who give me so much inspiration each day. I swear this blogging has made me more aware of many things and I have grown to be thankful for this extended network of family and friends it has put me in touch with. To sum this all up I am grateful for another year of life and for having all of you in my life and being part of each others. Besitos xoxox

Has your perspective on things changed on your birthdays from when you were younger?

Source: Rich Wallace

Source: Rich Wallace
Source: Rich Wallace

Source: Rich Wallace

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OOTN: Dark Metal

Hello chicas! I totally forgot to post this outfit from when I was on vacay. It was the last night and it was very chilly and breezy so luckily I had gone shopping that weekend for a light mesh type of sweater that I was able to use and believe it or not keep warm (wow did I just say that In this 115 degree weather wheeew!)

It was a quick look I did for an night out as the boys were impatiently waiting for me so I mainly concentrated on my makeup and hardly on my hair as you can tell. 

What is your no fail outfit or piece for an unexpected night out?

Metallic Sweater and Bandeau: LA Fashion District

Earrings: Forever21 Lipstick: YSL Tender Peach 

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Pallete

Shoes:Amiclubwear (already worn before) Jeans: LA Fashion District.

Smokey eyes with "Gunmetal" shade

Monday, August 29, 2011

OOTD: Sunny Orange

Hello lovely chicas I have noticed all around your blogs and one thing in common is that many people are definitely dressing for this hot and humid and maybe sticky weather. However that is not impeding many of you to pull off some creative and beautiful looks I am seeing around so wanted to bring a pop of color before the end of the season as well.

Here I bring to you a bright shirt that makes me think of Sunny Delight orange juice of how bright it is and how much impact this color gives I absolutely love it and want to incorporate it more in other looks I am thinking of.

I hope you like this quick post and please let me know what colors you have been wearing more this summer to beat the heat.

Feather Earrings: LA Fashion District Top: Thrifted  Shorts: Papaya

Belt: Target

Bangles: Charlotte Russe (Circa 2009) Bag: Louis Vuitton Mini Speedy

Shoes: LA Fashion District

Friday, August 26, 2011

NON-OOTD: Weekday Work Edition

Hello chicas! Well here is a few images of a NON outfit I call it as it is hot as fire here where I live and I had literally no time to get ready in the morning as my alarm went on snooze one too many times! lol Another thing is we have a weird dress code at work about casual stuff there are things that we can and cannot wear so this outfit passed the work dress code.

I don't like having restrictions on what to wear because I feel that changes with my mood and body of course since that changes on a daily basis as well. I also met up with a friend for a bite to eat which was great catching up on goals and projects we have.

What do you ladies wear to work? Do you have a dress code for summer/winter?

Shirt and Belt: Thrifted  Flower Ring: Charlotte Russe

Jeans: Forever21 Nude Wedge Shoes: LA Fashion District

Starfish Earrings: LA Fashion District

Purse: Nordstrom

Pita, Mussels, Falafel, and 3 types of hummus

Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella w/balsamic vinegar.

Turkey Pesto Lavosh Wrap w salad.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

OOTD: Casual Vertical Colors

Hola chicas! I bring you today another outfit post of a simple outfit on the weekend, we were doing some shopping, walking around, and road tripping so In an attempt to fit all that and the warm weather wanted to bring some color and be flexible for all the activities above.

Nothing special just emphasized with a vertical colored flowy assymetrical top and some cutoff shorts, and comfy boat shoes which have taken a beating this summer thats for sure.

Top: Rainbow Shorts: Old Navy

Earrings: Jewelmint Glasses: LA fashion district

Watch: Gift from my friend Candy! I love it.

Lipstick: NYX in Paris

Eyeshadow: Wet n Wild Pallette Lust pallete soft lilac and purple eye.

Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal

My fave place feeling the breeze

Shoes: Merona

All I need is my coffee and a magazine totally relaxed here.

Pondering as I walk through the marina.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Santee Alley Haul

Hola lovely chicas here is a video of my LA shopping experience from the weekend when I met up with Candy we went to Santee Alley I loved it there there as there were many great deals and it was quite an experience I did not mind it at all.

So sit back and enjoy this mini video of my loot. Like and subscribe my youtube channel please if you would like to see more videos or any feedback is also welcome thank you ladies really appreciate you mmuah xoxox.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OOTD: Sunny Yellow Stripes and special appearance,

Hello lovely chicas as the title states this is def an outfit of the day post but with a special appearance by my sweet friend Candy. For my bday we decided to take a mini vacay to California specifically the LA area to catch up with my friend and later San Diego for some RnR hahaha.

The weather was mild  during the day and windy and cool in the evening so I decided to wear a tshirt maxi dress with a cotton off the shoulder top in a bright color to contrast it. This outfit was very comfortable and perfect for the beach and walking in the pier. Hope you all had a great weekend I am just getting back into the swing of things.

Dress: Rainbow Top: Forever21 

Lookout point.

Sandals: Marshall's

Aw me and my sweet friend Candy

Simple makeup, Just NYX black eyeliner and NYX lipstick in Spellbound pretty long lasting.

Love this pic

Good pose.

Us two, Thx Friend miss you xoxoxox mmuah!