Friday, August 26, 2011

NON-OOTD: Weekday Work Edition

Hello chicas! Well here is a few images of a NON outfit I call it as it is hot as fire here where I live and I had literally no time to get ready in the morning as my alarm went on snooze one too many times! lol Another thing is we have a weird dress code at work about casual stuff there are things that we can and cannot wear so this outfit passed the work dress code.

I don't like having restrictions on what to wear because I feel that changes with my mood and body of course since that changes on a daily basis as well. I also met up with a friend for a bite to eat which was great catching up on goals and projects we have.

What do you ladies wear to work? Do you have a dress code for summer/winter?

Shirt and Belt: Thrifted  Flower Ring: Charlotte Russe

Jeans: Forever21 Nude Wedge Shoes: LA Fashion District

Starfish Earrings: LA Fashion District

Purse: Nordstrom

Pita, Mussels, Falafel, and 3 types of hummus

Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella w/balsamic vinegar.

Turkey Pesto Lavosh Wrap w salad.


  1. I really like your non-outfit, I think it looks pretty with the gold accents. My work dress code is pretty open, but most people in my office dress so plain it causes a big stir whe I wear heels or something a little more fashion forward.
    All of that food looks amazing! Stay cool!

    Liv @

  2. love your shoes ;)

  3. 3 types of hummus? Yum!

    I work at an elementary school and we have to wear casual and comfortable clothes like t-shirts and jeans all the time because we always have to run after the kids lol.

    Love your outfit, it looks casual yet chic!

  4. you look great lil lady !!! and that food yummm

  5. OMG love that outfit are you sure you are not my long lost twin is definitely my style...!! and the watch 2 thumbs up . "I collect them : )
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  6. Hey lovely!

    I have a fashion blog! I hope that you maybe comment on it or just take a look I feel and I am sure that you will absolutely love it as much as I do!

    I liekd yours btw! it is very pretty congrats and keep going!


  7. I love this outfit, it is very comfortable and casual and that shirt is pretty! My office allows jeans 5 days a week but I do try to change it up!

  8. love this look! ive been on the hunt for a nude/camel color button up too! great find!

  9. I like your outfit and the mozzarella with tomatoes is my fave quick dish for summer =)
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    Fashion and Cookies

  10. Hey! cute blog☺
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  11. i love your "non-outfit" hon.. i know you called it a non outfit but you still look so chic!! i love your military-ish top!! and those starfish earrings are SO cute!! omg gosh that food looks so nommy haha.. it's like 12:40am here.. but it's making me so hungry hahaha

  12. Really love your top and your bag, I agree with you, I hate limitations with work wear and stuff but sometimes it depends, we have no choice, office is more like a classroom with uniforms too hehe.
    Depends on the kind of work im going for though, and I'd definitely go with what makes me comfortable and suited to the event :)


  13. We don't have a dress code at our office, so we can wear pretty much anything. I still like to dress up though. Jeans with heels and some statement jewerly is what I normally reach for, but whatever I feel good in that day, is what I'll wear to work.

    You look adorbs. Cute shoes too.

    xx Love & Aloha