Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hollywood California Trip

Hello chicas as a late  follow up to the last post we continue in our trip to North Hollywood, California. This trip was jam packed with action and we had so much fun as well.

As we arrived to our hotel Candy from Curves Ahead Blog greeted us and we just ran up to each other and hugged. It felt like we just picked up where we left off in our text and Facetime conversations. We had not seen each other since March and it seriously felt like an eternity. Subconsciously I thought it had been close to a year since I had last seen her but it was less than that.

It was cold and windy we had minimum three layers I may have had  four! So coffee was perfect that night!

My beautiful bridesmaid and I. Love this picture
Bride and bridesmaid time shopping at the beautiful flower marker. Out cute heart friendship rings, and the pink champagne courtesy of Candy.
This trip could not be complete without visiting the delicious bakery Porto's that place is so good every item even the red velvet cupcakes which I was surprised.

The evening was spent having dinner on Hollywood Blvd, and went inside the iconic  Roosevelt Hotel.
The Roosevelt Hotel decor was amazing very Old Hollywood.
Had to take this picture for my friend.

The Doors star with Candy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lip Of the Day: Just Peachy

I decided to wear a soft but bright color on this day to mix things up a bit.

This is a great color to warm up your face and get airing ready. Wet n Wild lipstick in Peachy is a creamy peach matte shade that lasts throughout the day.

Con: The formula is very dry and can chap your lips if you do not apply a lip moisturizer.

Below is a quick picture and a swatch I did since I made a video on this day and a few of you asked for a swatch of Just Peachy. You can't go wrong with a $1.99 lipstick.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Beverly Garland Hotel

A few weeks ago I took a trip to California, specifically North Hollywood. It was great to change the scenery and get away for a minute. This trip was much needed as our schedules have been so crazy and it is good to get away especially since the holiday craze is over.

So cozy and perfect location for our stay I loved the fountain and the up lighting at night.
Cozy outdoor touches and many places to sit and drink coffee as well as Decoy Lounge where we relaxed and had a few drinks on the evenings. 
Tula's Cafe had a coffee bar with an extensive coffee menu and a brunch buffet or ala carte menu. The fresh fruit platter was compliments of Chef Raul and the wonderful restaurant staff who made us feel so special.
Then I received this amazing Pink champagne welcome gift along with this centerpiece.

You want to know who this is from? Stay tuned for the second part of this post.

Aggie's Mac n Cheese

On this rainy day the only thing that sounds good is laying around the sofa with something warm. Comfort food hits the spot and I decided to make Macaroni and cheese the main course. I posted a picture on Facebook and a few of the ladies wanted me to share the recipe I hope this pictorial helps you as I have never posted a recipe on here.

Disclosure: Now ladies keep in mind this is not healthy or figure friendly and this recipe is enough to feed a small army so there will probably be some leftovers which is great.

1- 1 lb box of elbow macaroni (boiled & drained)
3 cups of milk
1/2 cup of all purpose flour
6 tablespoons of butter (trying to beat Paula Deen here)
1/2 bag of Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1/2 bag of Shredded Mozzarella Chese or Gruyere but Mozzarella is cheaper
5 strips of bacon cooked drained of fat and crumbled
1/2 Tbsp of salt
Black pepper to taste and look
2-3 Dashes of Paprika (I love paprika for flavor and color)
1/3 cup of bread crumbs


In a pot medium heat melt butter. DO NOT let the butter get brown. Once butter is melted add the flour and whisk. This is called a roux keep whisking the roux so that it does not clump. Then add the milk and salt and pepper as well as the paprika. Keep whisking this over low to medium heat until it thickens.

Once this starts thickening and is warm add the shredded cheese and keep whisking. Once this is mixed thoroughly and is a thick consistency remove from heat and keep adding the cheese.

Best to have your macaroni in a buttered baking dish I used a glass Pyrex type 13x9, I poured the thick mixture over the macaroni and made holes so the mixture will go through the bottom of the macaroni and the pan. Make sure all the noodles are coated in this. Add more cheese and bacon at the top and very lightly sprinkle the bread crumbs on top. Once assembled put the baking dish into preheated 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes. Enjoy I hope this helps explain the recipe and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I feel honored that you would even want me to share this with you ladies.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Textured Scarf

This picture was from over a week ago and once again Instagram was the culprit as I post it there but forgot to post it here.

It is a blurry image but I wanted to show you it either way. It was a very cold day and I was indoors most of the day with the exception in the evening hunnybun and I went to do some shopping and had some coffee afterwards.

I was having the worst hair day and with the cold weather which I am a sissy to I did not care. I was wearing all black and not feeling my usual self but when I threw on the scarf I felt warm and soft that it made me wear a bright lip and go out in public to make it a great evening.

Do you ever have those days where you just don't want to go anywhere or do anything? I rarely do but It ended up being a perfect relaxed evening as it was so slow at most stores and we had time to browse without crowds and relax and chit chat over coffee.

Knit Cardigan: Express Scarf: Kenneth Cole Boots: JustFab Jeans: Macys

Hair experiencing baby hair and fly aways like crazy. I gave up!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Announcement and Updates

 I know many of you follow me on Instagram which is where I post the majority of my updates and pictures as of lately.

I wanted to share with you that over the holidays (two weeks before Thanksgiving to be exact) I started planning my WEDDING! Yes that may sound crazy but we stumbled upon a location and we just fell in love with it and thought why don't we get married here?

With this being said the days and weeks after that day have flown by. I knew time was fast but the days fly by as I am busy working, planning and trying to write some posts sporadically which I hope you can understand. I am a very sporadic blogger and have come to realize this blog is an extension of me and with the years has become part of my life. Once I stop blogging I may be relaxed but I always return as I feel like a part of me (which is all of you) is missing. So why not share the news formally and let you know that I am now a bride to be minus the Bridezilla part I hope.

I will share some images to give you a run down of the whirlwind and fun times and moment I have had once this wedding planning journey started and will post more from here if you enjoyed this.

Boxes I made for my bridesmaids
The initial stage when I was actually caught up on my reading Brides mags.
We had so much fun at the cake tasting with the yummy flavors and designing our cake.
A visit to the L.A Flower Market surrounded by these beautiful flowers

Candy is one of my special friends and bridesmaid she has been a tremendous help in the planning as she has experienced this before and has been a great resource love her.
Sisty Kim my MOH college student and have had so much fun late night sleepovers she has done so many DIY for our wedding already shes too sweet. Hence the sugar overload bribes lol.

FOTD: Using MAC's Angel Lipstick

Saturday, January 19, 2013

OOTD: Rocker Chic Cross

Hola chicas I wanted to post this simple Rocker chic type if outfit. I know crosses have been all the rage these past few months and I had this top a while back ago but had forgotten to photograph it.

Paired with dark oxblood skinny jeans and the boots along with the top are from Fancy Steps. I added since layered chain necklace to add to the rocker vibe. Hope you like this look.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

OOTD: Winter Pastels

As it is still cold in my neck of the woods I dress in layers for this weather. This desert rat has a low tolerance for the cold I have found that out recently. It must be the fact that it is very warm for almost 90% of the year so I have never really thought about it.

However I cant help but browse through my Elle, Glamour, and InStyle subscriptions to become mesmerized by the beautiful pastels that are gracing the pages and editorial spreads.

This is a super casual outfit of the day look that is realistic of what I wear on any given day just add more layers at night I hope you like it.

Cardigan: H&M  Jeans: American Eagle Boots: Forever 21 Boots: Just Fab

Scarf: Forever 21

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FOTD: Face of the Day using Mac's Faux Lipstick

I recently picked up Faux which is a Satin finish lipstick from MAC. Most of my nude lipsticks are beige, orange hued, or very light to wear on a daily basis. I normally reserve the super nude lip for evening with a simple smokey eye or use it for daytime with a dramatic liner.

This was a very soft consistency lipstick and applied true to its color as I was worried the red of my lips would prevent it from showing so much. I used it after moisturizing my lips and decided to do a flawless makeup look to really showcase the lips. I am surprised that this brown hued lipstick showed up and blended very well for my skin tone. This will now be added to my arsenal of daily lipsticks. Hope you like the swatch I did and showed it on my lips so you can see how it looks on similar skin tone like mine.

Here is how it looked later on in the afternoon without reapplication.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ladies Blogger Brunch

Late on posting this but a few weeks ago I had the honor to be invited to meet up a group of fabulous fashion blogger friends here in Phoenix. Some of us had not seen each other seen the Lulu's Style Studio Event back in October.

The location was Pane Bianco which was excellent as we had our own table underneath a vintage chandelier.  As we all arrived at different times it felt as if we had seen each other recently and reconnected instantly as we went on in our conversation.

It was such a fun brunch full of laughs, several conversations going on at once and time flew by as we exchanged fashion stories and tips as well as shopping experiences. This is a wonderful group of ladies who are educated, talented, and hard working I admire them and feel blessed to be a part of this group and invite me. As we finished brunch we continued onto Lux Coffee for more coffee, and used the patio to do a mini photo session which was such a great time as we laughed about using "props" and the perils that come with outfit of the day pictures.

Delicious french press coffee, The shoe arsenal on this brunch, what bloggers do take outfit of the day pictures any chance we get using props, and the gorgeous treats at Lux Coffee.

Nadia of Nadia Thinks

Angela of Forward Fashion Diary

Joanne of Fabulously Average

Kristianne of Fashion Route

Group shot and a fun time.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve His and Hers Outfits

This New Year's Eve we did not make any plans. As you can see from my previous pictures I procrastinated and did not make restaurant reservations so I cooked a restaurant worthy feast.

Later that evening a friend invited us to a nightclub were they were having a NYE celebration and he gifted us the tickets to go. We were definitely grateful for this and had a great time so thank you Tom.

The outfit pictures were very on the go and improvised but I wanted to share what we both wore. It was very cold and windy so I wanted to forgo the usual party dress but still be festive. I paired a red pair of slacks with some velvet black Mary Janes and a GAP super soft fitted top with a new faux fur coat with pronounced shoulders which I thought was a perfect night to bring this piece out. I topped the look with silver accessories to make it stand out. I was very comfortable and warm the rest of the night during pictures, dancing, drinking, and jumping around even. The hair was a messy chignon as I rushed getting ready and wanted to have the freedom of let it down if need.

His look a lavender and purple striped button up shirt, charcoal trousersm and a Calvin Klein blazer with a fitted beanie for warmth.

A few snapshots of the night hair up and then messy down, and a few moments together.