Thursday, August 26, 2010

BARRIO CAFE..belated Bday dinner

Hola Chicas,
A few weeks ago my good friend Patty invited me to dinner to a great restaurant where her husband works in the metro Phoenix area. I am talking about Barrio Cafe wich serves modern mexican cuisine. Let me tell you the food is so fresh and very warm and homemade. We started off w/some tangy cadillac margaritas. Then Marcos (Patty's hubby) served us up one of my faves fresh guacamole tableside.

After the guacamole that I devouired we ordered: Enchiladas suizas, adn then some Chicken Chipotle dish.

As if all these yummy and decasdent dishes were not enough they surprised me with a little bday treat some Churros stuffed w/ cajeta (mexican caramel). Ah this was just hard to pass up, even though I was stuffed I had to take a!! Just some extra time in the gym I!
I had a great evening catching up w. my friend patty and being such a goofball but we had a great time. Heres some more pics of us being silly.
Messing around w. some of the religious praphenilia. Barrio also displays local artist and I love that about them since they always have different paintings up it adds alot of character to the small quaint restaurant.
Please check out this link to see how Marcos prepares the fresh guacamole it is delish!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Caramel Highlights

Hola chicas! I am not sure if you remember a few months ago when I was debating what to do w/my super dark hair. Well I opted for some caramel highlights. This has been my 2nd time getting them done. The first time they were hardly noticeable. I wish I could sport caranel highlights for the subtle caramel look, and other days the uber glam dark hair that I like to do w.the red lip but oh well. Here are some pics.

Ok so here I end this post. Let me know what you girls think of the hair color.
xoxoxo Aggie

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh life...

Hello gals, I know I have been absent for some time now. I still go onto some of your lovely blogs and in between breaks at work take a Well I don't like to be quite personal but over the past 3months my life has changed like you wouldnt imagine. I have had to stay strong for a lot of situations and due to certain life events now have to take care for a 13 yr old. I know its crazy and let me tell you its hard work, I consider mysaelf a kid. Everyday has been a learning experience for me and I sometimes have been so stressed that I just want to run, but I know time goes by fast and it will all be worth it.
Here's a quick snap of me being cheery and optimistic. I will post more later this week, but I miss your encouraging words and comments. xoxox mmmuah!!