Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OOTD: Denim and Bold Color

Hola chicas! This weekend I finally experienced the weather changing and I truly enjoyed it and made the most out of it by being outdoors at my family gathering.

The event was not all outdoors however I could not help feeling like a child who wants to go out and play and enjoy the sun and the crisp fall breeze. Afterall this is a rare thing in Arizona so when it is the season we are all over it.

I have been wanting to wear my denim jacket for a while so pulled that out and paired it with some skinny black jeans, and decided to throw on a colorful scarf to brighten up the look. Just becasue it is fall does not mean we have to tick to a certain color palltete and felt so much more playful once I added the scarf. My boots were so comfy and kept me warm.

Jacket: Ralph Lauren Jeans: JcPenney Scarf: Old ??

Purse: Coach

Boots: Rider by Fancy Steps

Messy bun, Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

Eyes: Two Faced Enchanted Island pallette Lips: NYX Paris lipsitck

Wanted to climb the tree

Too much fun like when I was a kid.

Silly me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OOTD: Bohemian featuring Fancy Steps

Hola chicas hope you all are having a great day and getting many things accomplished. Every day we wake up with a goal and vision. These goals can vary from going to the gym, to crossing off all of your procrastinated tasks. Whatever is in our minds we wake up early and agonizing over that snooze button but once we shower and freshen up we have that instant to decide how we will manage that day. It amazes me the control and variables that we have in our lives. Life is crazy, complicated, and BEAUTIFUL. I am just lucky I get to play in it!

This outfit is just that many variables, and I decided to throw in different colors as well as textures of the jewelry. I feel so gyspy-ish with these colors for some reason they remind me of the crystal ball image in cartoons I would see when I was a child.

Each day is an opening to a new vision.

Jeans: Lauren Conrad Kohl's

Top: Divaz Boutique

Hat: Charlotte Russe

 Necklace and Bangles: Charlotte Russe

Thinking of all the goals I want to accomplish

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coach Store, Old Navy, and Fancy Steps Haul

Hello ladies here is my latest shopping haul and some things I picked up recently.

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