Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zizibeth and Rainbow Haul

I went to Zizibeth and picked up a long tank, yellow lace tank for layering, and found some cute dresses for ahhmazing prices. Im talking cheaper than Forecer21 here. I was so surprised one of the tanks was 4.99, the dresses were 14.99, 20.99, and 16.99!! Wow talk about low prices here where you can really get alot of stuff for not much!

Found this place called "Rainbow" and wondered inside and found so many cute accesoories for buy one get one half off! I was at the register when I spotted the black studded cuties you see here and the cashier sd they were also alf off so I just had to for $15.00!! Come! No guilt trip after hitting up these two places I will def now be a regular there. Overall good shopping day I would say.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Colored Contact Lenses

I recently purchased a pair of colored contact lenses from the mall. I have always adored the idea of looking different temporarily and playing with colors in your eyes as you can always go back to your normal self, however I am not the type that can stand anything around my eyes. Well I got them! Got them in Misty Hazel. I think they make me look a little bug eyed and I didnt think they were this round, but still getting used to having stuff in my eye for a few hours.

What do you ladies think? Yay or Nay or maybe I should try another color to best suit me?

Monday, May 10, 2010

My hair: To color or not???

I have been leaving my hair alone for about 9-10 months. I like how I have quit messing with it and let it time to breathe and be healthy. Since doing that and washing it with cool water I have noticed it has grown really fast. I have to cut it every 2.5 months due to the ends growing out so fast. However I am getting sick of my hair color it looks so blah. I was thinking of coloring it.
This is what my hair looks like now.

I know my hair is kind adark and will not look exactly like this but this is what I was thinking of getting . Going  for the subtle caramel color looks. But it might not look exactly like this on my dark hair. What do you girls think? Should I take the plunge of color or what other alternative shall I look at?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

EOTD: Matte pastel Pink and purple

I was looking at pics of myself and realized I pretty much always look the same..what ah rip off even if I try to do my eye color different. So Im attempting wearable look that looks like I actually have color.
I tried to make a subtle cut crease here not sure if you can tell.
I used: Revlon Peach sorbet(matte), purple and navy blue from 120 e/s pallete. NYX jumbo milk pencil for waterline, Clinique black gel liner, and black lashblast mascara. Any comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome I am trying to look different here people. Dont be scurrred! lol