Monday, May 10, 2010

My hair: To color or not???

I have been leaving my hair alone for about 9-10 months. I like how I have quit messing with it and let it time to breathe and be healthy. Since doing that and washing it with cool water I have noticed it has grown really fast. I have to cut it every 2.5 months due to the ends growing out so fast. However I am getting sick of my hair color it looks so blah. I was thinking of coloring it.
This is what my hair looks like now.

I know my hair is kind adark and will not look exactly like this but this is what I was thinking of getting . Going  for the subtle caramel color looks. But it might not look exactly like this on my dark hair. What do you girls think? Should I take the plunge of color or what other alternative shall I look at?


  1. Your hair is long & gorgeous! Jennifer's hair is on point...I'd say try it! I'm sure you'll look beautiful either way :)

  2. I would not. Your hair is so healthy right now, adding all those chemicals will just mess with it's shine. I like JLo's hair their, but yours looks so much better than hers!


    xox Laura Beth

  3. keep it and straight ! very nice lady!

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    xoxo from Jiana

  4. Thank you Valerie I do agree Jlo has her hair game on point! Veronica, Laura Beth, Fashion Sugar thank you for the advice girls I will def keep all the points of view in mind since I am!

  5. I think that color idea would go great on you...

  6. Go for it! Just make sure you try Organic dye and bleach..It's waayyy better for you hair. =) I just realized we are from the same city! lol! Awesome! Much love my 602 GIRL!!!!! XO T

  7. Tiffany I would love to know where you can get the organic hair dye from. Im so glad were reppin' for AZ yeeeahh!! Returning the602 love chica!!! muahz!!