Monday, October 31, 2011

OOTD: Rust at Topshop

Hola chicas Ive been meaning to post these pics but have been so busy PRE HOLIDAY decluttering and cleaning around the house. I don't think I have rearranged and decluttered in what seems like almost the beginning of the year..YIKES!

Here is a mini photo shoot Candy and I did in front of the soon to be Las Vegas Topshop location. I have never shopped at Topshop before but I would love to have a store close by to try on some of the clothes and pick up some pieces to see how they look on me. I am wearing a rust colored distressed sweater that I loved as it looks so deconstructed like its fallen apart with some skinny jeans and leopard pumps.

I have to wait until then?! I want to shop!

Blazer: Forever21 Sweater: The Clothing Co Jeans: Almost Famous

Candy rocking her Fancy Steps

Shoes: Fancy Steps

Friday, October 28, 2011

OOTD: Pin up Dots and special Guest

Hola chicas! I have a look to share with you today. As you all know from my previous post I was in Las Vegas for a few days for the Latina Lifestyle Blogger conference and I had the chance to have an amazing roomate and friend Candy from Curves Ahead. I swear girls we would not sleep even when we were in bed and knew we had to be up early. We talked all night long and giggled like little girls back and forth definitely good times.

I wanted to be semi proffesional for a meeting so decided to pair a pencil skirt but made it fun by pairing it with a polka dot and bring out a bit of color with the red belt and lips.

Pin Up inspiration

MAC: Russian Red Lipstick Eyes: UD Naked Pallete

Top: Vintage Skirt: Victoria's Secret Belt: Steve Madden

Shoes: Fancy Steps

Candy looking so prim and proper!

Love her makeup look.

Goodbye ladies!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Latina Lifestyle Blogger Conference Las Vegas

Hola chicas I want to share with you all that I have been a member of the Latina Lifestyle Blogger group for a few months. It all started with an email I received from the founder Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco who invited me to join the group. I joined and immediately noticed that the group was cohesive and very involved which was unfamiliar from other groups I have seen.

This past weekend I went to the very first Latina Lifestyle blogger conference in Las Vegas which was also my very first blogger conference. I had already planned the flight, hotel, who my roommate would be and transportation but I was so nervous as I did not know what to expect. Another thing is I went solo without the hubby although he was so supportive and assured me I would have fun but as he dropped me off at the airport I was unsure.

The minute I met the ladies at our hotel entrance everyone was so friendly and some of the faces were familiar from our online conversations and then I felt relief. The ladies were all so different in age, style, background and it made for a very eventful weekend. Our dinner began with a limo ride to our restaurant where the staff was waiting to cater to us and delicious food along with introductions from sponsors. Over the next days we attended workshops that were very informative and interactive almost personalized as we could get all of our questions answered and even received several goodie bags.

Although I am a relatively new member to the group I never once felt left out or doubted being part of this group  as we were all treated equal and everyone was mingling and getting along great. In the midst of laughter, hugs, and even tears we all left the conference feeling like a million bucks! Feeling this way in the sense that we left with so much knowledge, plans, friends, and so many memories of being part of the 1st Latina Lifestyle Blogger conference. I am very grateful that these people came into my life and feel honored to have attended this event, as a matter of fact we are all now making plans for the next conference.

There are so many images but these are just some of the things we experienced during the conference.

Bucca di Beppo placed our name on their sign how cool is that!

No skimping on the delicious food here at this conference.

Author Alisa Valdes Rodriguez from Dirty Girls Social Club book so inspirational.

Sensa Weight Loss one of the sponsors

Joanna Holden from Modular Ink speaking on branding

Intimate class environment in a suite.

Kathy Crowley teaching presentation skills.

Lana Goldenberg workshop on SEO.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOTN: Impromptu Blues

Hola chicas this outfit of the night says Impromptu which means suddenly or hastily prepared, improvised. Well what can I say I was so tired after a long day at work and then I had to go cover an event which is absolutely fun but not after a hectic 9 hour workday!

I seriously had not even a hint of what I would wear so I improvised like the title says. I pulled out this vintage leather skirt over a black cami and my black and white zip up jacket. For accessories I kept it minimal as I had no time or energy even forgot earrings! To end it off I decided to throw these blue mary janes I got last week and voila!

Now with minimal time I didn't even bother with the hair and makeup and my hubby managed to take these quick and candid (grrrrr!) photos of me that are not the best but you get the idea. One item (leather skirt) and I worked my outfit around that its quick and easy and not too bad results. I was surprised.

Have you ever used one item and benefited from the inspiration it gives you?

Hot mess but I got there!

Horn Necklace: Charlotte Russe Ring: Old

Leather Skirt: Vintage

Mary Janes: Charlotte Russe

Bad lighting pic!

and another one!
Life is long but moves very fast. Enjoy it and adapt quickly to the things it throws at you! -Aggie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 Accesories Haul Video

Here are my ramblings along with all the accesories I got in this small haul. I have been so into accesories lately I think you may not need new clothes because the accesories totally change the mood of the outfit and look.

Hope you like it and please comment and/or subscribe thank you chicas!

Monday, October 17, 2011

New journey

Hola chicas I hope you are all doing wonderful and had a great weekend as much as I did. I wanted to take this opportunity and 100th post to share with you my friends a new journey that I will be going on. This journey is my newest project with Candy from Curves Ahead Makeup that I am so excited about.

Myself and Candy playing in the water.

Candy and I both share a passion for blogging, fashion, and what woman does not SHOES!! Yes that is right shoes. We bring to you our latest project Fancy Steps shoe boutique. It is the fruit of our long conversations and emails, planning, and by trial and error we have slowly built this web site to share with all of you fellow bloggers and fashionistas. I hope you take the time and support as it would mean a whole lot to us being that we launched the store web site on today Monday October 17, 2011. Stop by support and see what you think or contact us for feedback or things you would like to see there next time. We are a small company but want to focus on providing personalized service to people who want certain styles and communicate as much as we can with you to make it  a great experience.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the styles we will have at Fancy Steps.

Also please don't forget to follow us on Twitter Fancy Steps and Fancy Steps Facebook page.
Thank you gorgeous dolls xoxox.