Monday, October 31, 2011

OOTD: Rust at Topshop

Hola chicas Ive been meaning to post these pics but have been so busy PRE HOLIDAY decluttering and cleaning around the house. I don't think I have rearranged and decluttered in what seems like almost the beginning of the year..YIKES!

Here is a mini photo shoot Candy and I did in front of the soon to be Las Vegas Topshop location. I have never shopped at Topshop before but I would love to have a store close by to try on some of the clothes and pick up some pieces to see how they look on me. I am wearing a rust colored distressed sweater that I loved as it looks so deconstructed like its fallen apart with some skinny jeans and leopard pumps.

I have to wait until then?! I want to shop!

Blazer: Forever21 Sweater: The Clothing Co Jeans: Almost Famous

Candy rocking her Fancy Steps

Shoes: Fancy Steps


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  2. i am so gonna steal your leopard pumps and
    your blazer!!!!



  3. Both of you look great! I love your orange top it's so cute.

  4. Aggie, you and your friend look awesome! Perfect location for that photo shoot. I am such a fan of Rust! I've been seeing glimpses of it out there and wish there was more. It's a great color and your top is awesome! Love your leopard heels and blazer tops it off. A great look!!! Aggie, thank you for your kind tweet. I'm feeling much better. ((HUG))

  5. Love the top! And of course the shoes! How everything going! I need to de-clutter too, I feel like I can never get caught up with that though! xx -Taj

  6. ugh lucky their going to open a top shop near you?
    i like the blazer by the way =D,
    come and visit soon

  7. We just got topshop in Chicago during Sept! It is dangerous....very great items but $$$ since prices are converted from the British Pound Sterling. I love that orange top, it's gorgeous!

  8. Your blazer is gorgeous, and I love that top! You are working this outfit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88