Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOTN: Impromptu Blues

Hola chicas this outfit of the night says Impromptu which means suddenly or hastily prepared, improvised. Well what can I say I was so tired after a long day at work and then I had to go cover an event which is absolutely fun but not after a hectic 9 hour workday!

I seriously had not even a hint of what I would wear so I improvised like the title says. I pulled out this vintage leather skirt over a black cami and my black and white zip up jacket. For accessories I kept it minimal as I had no time or energy even forgot earrings! To end it off I decided to throw these blue mary janes I got last week and voila!

Now with minimal time I didn't even bother with the hair and makeup and my hubby managed to take these quick and candid (grrrrr!) photos of me that are not the best but you get the idea. One item (leather skirt) and I worked my outfit around that its quick and easy and not too bad results. I was surprised.

Have you ever used one item and benefited from the inspiration it gives you?

Hot mess but I got there!

Horn Necklace: Charlotte Russe Ring: Old

Leather Skirt: Vintage

Mary Janes: Charlotte Russe

Bad lighting pic!

and another one!
Life is long but moves very fast. Enjoy it and adapt quickly to the things it throws at you! -Aggie


  1. You look awesome in this outfit and you walked the red carpet? That is too fabulous!!! Love your vintage leather skirt, it's gorgeous!

  2. Well Aggie! Your impromptu looks wayyyyyyyyy better than my impromptu! HAHAHAHA You look stunning girl. Those heels are amazing. :D

  3. You look beautiful, I dont know what you are talking about! lol. Girl I wore a very similar black and white blazer the other day too, with my blue shoes! We think alike, :).


  4. A hastily prepared outfit? r u serious? U LOOK AMAZING! this doesnt seem impromptu to me at all, it looked every bit dazzling and gorgeous :) loveee the leather feel to it :)


  5. oh my!
    you sexy mama!
    love those electric blue shoes!



  6. LOVE it! <3 ... Those shoes are gorgeous <3

  7. You look gorgeous as always! I love you bright blue heels!

  8. you look lovely!! these pics make me miss Vegas!