Thursday, September 30, 2010

JD's Black and White Party Outfit

Hola Chicas just a quick post here. I was invited to a black and white party. It was during the work week and it was a last minute invitation. Needless to say I didnt have much time to put an outfit together. All I knew is that it was a black & white!
Blazer: Marshall's, Skirt & Tank: Forever 21, Shoes: Steve Madden, Accesories: Charlotte Russe.
Sorry for the awkward look but I was trying to show you girls my earrings but not good lighting.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Salsa Dancing Outfit & Bebe, Rainbow Haul

Hello chicas here's a quick little outfit post when I went Salsa dancing w/my friends.

Romper:The Clothing Co, Shoes: Rainbow, Belt: Buffalo Exchange.
Some accessories from Zizibeth, Rainbow.

These little rings I got from the flea market for $1 bargain shopping!
Cute little booties I got.
Here' s some tops and a thin blazer that I found. I was looking for some interesting necklines or bling,lol!
They are from Bebe, Zizibeth, and the tie dye from Rainbow.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Cathouse Outfit

Hello lovelies I was just about to have a relaxing uneventful weekend but the hunnybun decided to go last minute to Vegas!! Well I couldn't complain about going to Vegas it did put me in a bind as I did not have time to pack the way I like to be all prepared. Well it was SUPER HOT and everyone was pretty casual so that was a relief however we did do a little shopping while we were there.

I got this blazer from H&M, and the black tank & skirt are Forever 21. I got a little tan while I was over there since we werein the pool all day. My friends kept telling me that I looked like I worked at "The Gtasby" whatever they
Trat from the hunnybun some matrching Carrera's!! Below is after happy hour we were soo tired.