Thursday, January 27, 2011

FOTN, Contacts,and Hair Rut

Hello chicas! Here is a quick look I did the other night mainly using bronzer, purple, and brown eye shadows. I think these colors are subtle and they complement brown and hazel eyes.

Another I am giving colored contacts another shot as the ones I got this summer were not very comfortable and looked funny. I got these Pure Hazel colored contacts and they are not as dry as the previous ones. I think they look decent what do you girls think?

The below images are a few snapshots of the look and hopefully you can notice the contacts. One thing that I am dealing with is the fact that I am tired of doing my hair so that is why I have this messy hair bun. I am not sure what to do with it. Any suggestions or ideas for my hair?

Pure Hazel contacts

I know I really need to start using lashes but they are a pain for me!lol

One earring look (I lost my other one)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blue and Silver OOTD

So chicas here is a quick post of the other night the hunny and I went to dinner and I had some limited time after work to get ready I swear I couldnt find a thing to wear and he was waiting on me so I felt rushed poor thing he was

Don't you girls just hate it that the man can throw on whatever and looks put together but we have to go through the hair, the makeup, and the whole thing to look presentable..haha well it's worth the wait isnt it?

Top: Circa 2010?? Never wore it until I found it in back of my closet

Neckline detail

Shoes: With tag still lol Ross

Smokey Silvery Eyes: Revlon 12hr pallette/ Lips: Pillow Talk by Two Faced/ Blush: Melba by MAC

My cheesy face

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Got it from My Mamma Rings Haul

Hola chicas! Mother's always know best and that is a fact plain and simple. They know us more than we know ourselves, as they are nurturing and caring individuals who are very observant. I love spending time with my momma and she ALWAYS has wonderful gifts for me everytime we meet. She has such a keen eye for detail and unique things that I will like. As was the case with these wonderful little treasures she got me this weekend from her shopping trip. Hope you like. xoxox

Flower Bracelet

Elepahant and Owl ring will go perfect with my necklaces that I have in each of these


Heart, how fun!

Cute lil Bow


Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Boots and a Semi OOTD

Hola chicas! I swore to myself that since winter is almost over I would not buy any more sweater, scarves, and BOOTS! While I have refrained from doing most of this I could not resist to but one more pair. lol.
I saw these boots and saw the little flower embellishment and thought they were a bit different.

I know they are just another pair of simple black boots but I beg to differ as these look different with the flower and the small heel that makes them so comfortable. Well at least that is what I tell myself to justify another aimless purchase ; )

Here are some quick snapshots I took that may not be so good as I was the one taking pics while I was wearing them, so please excuse the picture quality girls.

Look at the cute little flower.

Boots: Clothing Co.

Makeup look: Lipgloss and Eyeshadows from Two Faced Pallete Eyeliner: Jordana felt tip

Beret: F21 Earrings: Charlotte Russe Bracelets: Tiffany & Co.

Blazer: Marshall's Scarf: ?? (Circa 2009)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lace & Fur Outfit of the Day

Hello chicas! It was bit breezy last night and I decided to take advantage of it by layering. Did I say: LAYERING? Yes! Here in the desert that  is a rare occurrence but lately we have been blessed with cool weather where it allows us to have more options. Hence I pulled some random things and came up with this little outfit, hope you gals like.

Jacket: ? (Circa: 2006) Top: AMIClubwear. Cami: F21

Lil Elephant Necklace: Zizibeth

Ring: Zizibeth

Lipstick: MAC Gaga

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knit Outfit of the Day

 Here is a quick outfit post to this busy weekend. Trying to divide time with my hunnybun, my family, and catching up with friends so my rule is to play certain things up but remain COMFORTABLE at all times. Hope you girls like the outfit xoxo.

Knit Top: Clothing Co Jeggings: Wet Seal

Earrings: F21

Ring: Gift from my mom  Bracelet: Clothing Co.

Booties: F21

Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

This is a product I purchased at the end of October through Sephora. I have oily skin and even with face primer my face looks a bit oily at the end of my work day and that causes my foundation to look darker. I totally dislike this about my skin as it makes my foundation look muddier with the intensity of the oils. I do like a semi dewy look but my preference is a matte face as I can achieve the dewiness with bronzers and shimmers on the cheekbones.

I have tried MAC's Fix + but I do not like it on my face as it creates extra shine and glossiness like a reflective paper.heehe. I mainly use MAC's Fix + for pigments and eyeshadows.

Ok enough of the chatter and on with my mini review and how I used it:

Step 1: I moisturized my face and let the moisturizer absorb, I skipped face primer to really challenge the product and see if it will hold up.
Step 2: Applied my liquid foundation, blush, bronzer, etc.
Step 3: Shook the bottle and misted 2-4 pumps (I do 2-3).
Step 4: Set this with MUFE HD Powder.

The result: I work about 8-10hr days and I must say that my makeup was still in place and I even had blush and eyeshadow on still after the end of the workday with just slight oiliness and this was excluding my face primer. I believe this held up well for this duration but the product claims it lasts 16 hours wow momma! I don't think I have ever worn makeup for that long consecutively without a break or washing my face but this is good enough for me.

Price: $29.00 USD
Size: 4.0 US Fl. Oz.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Part 2: Sunday- Burlesque Show

After Lucky Strike we met with with a few friends at a bar for a Burlesque show. My was it fun, the dancers were so graceful with their seductive moves and their makeup and hairpieces were to die for. I only wish I would've not been so casual so I would not have felt so plain but eh what the heck it was a spur of the moment thing. So here's a quick photo recap of the rest of the night.

Part 1: Sunday OOTN

On Sunday my hunnybun and I were undecided as to what to do so I was thinking something casual. We went to Lucky Strike for happy hour and to watch the game. I didnt have a chance to style my hair and just simply pulled it back with a few bobbypins. Here is my outfit of the night and barely there makeup look. See what you girls think.
Jacket: Wet Seal

Blouse&Jeans: Charlotte Russe Boots: Rainbow

My little Owl ring that I love courtesy of the flea market haha.

Leaf Earrings: F21

Eyes: ELF Neutral Pallette, Lipgloss: Jordana Dazzling

Ahi Tuna stack..yummy!

Me @ Lucky Strike, sorry for hte silly pose and face my photopgrapher was making me
I had a good time and just wanted to share the first part of my fun Sunday night with you girls. Stay tuned tomorrow for Part Two!