Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blue and Silver OOTD

So chicas here is a quick post of the other night the hunny and I went to dinner and I had some limited time after work to get ready I swear I couldnt find a thing to wear and he was waiting on me so I felt rushed poor thing he was hungry.lol.

Don't you girls just hate it that the man can throw on whatever and looks put together but we have to go through the hair, the makeup, and the whole thing to look presentable..haha well it's worth the wait isnt it?

Top: Circa 2010?? Never wore it until I found it in back of my closet

Neckline detail

Shoes: With tag still lol Ross

Smokey Silvery Eyes: Revlon 12hr pallette/ Lips: Pillow Talk by Two Faced/ Blush: Melba by MAC

My cheesy face


  1. I like the detail of your top. :) The color looks great on you and good job on matching the makeup with it. <3

  2. Sexayyy! Very pretty shade of blue. I Love those shoes =D and LOL at the tag...i do that all the darn time!
    I also hate it that i have to go through so much to look ok and he just wears whatever outfit is the closest to the front and looks good =/

  3. Love that shade of blue!

    Yes I hate that, I'm like 'start getting ready cus we got to go' and I'm usually the one taking longer and my hubby is like 'why you rushing me if I only need 5 minutes to get ready'
    Lucky boys!


  4. @ Toni thx chica glad you like the top It was long forgotten.
    @ Blanca thx girl : )
    @ Aranza Yes I hate the stores that put the hard tO remove tags from shoes.lol
    @ Lupe I do the same thing.

  5. Pretty! are those tights? and i am loving the heals but too bad i cannot walk straight for more than 1 hr in heels lol.

  6. Very prety love the detail on the shirt !!!

  7. Absolutely love the shirt! And the color really suits you! :)


  8. u look stunning,love the top on you

  9. That's a very pretty top and the color suits you very well. Love the shoes too,fabulous.

  10. Love the blue on you! The shoes are to die for!


  11. gorgous top, love the detail. and def love the shoes (i forget about tags too) my bf does the same to me! lol gets all mad when he has to wait

  12. love the top. its very expensive being a girl. we always want to look our best and it costs way too much lol you look stunning as always :)

  13. I love the beaded detailing on this blouse! I'm always attracted to clothes with those little narrow beads like that- I think they look kind of vintagey. I really like the color of the blouse, too- I think it's so flattering on your complexion!

    Thank goodness the blogspot pictures are working again! I was seriously going crazy- and I thought that the blurry banner looked so silly.. Ugh. It must have been a glitch..

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  14. Aggie...I'm feeling those shoes miss lady.


  15. love this outfit ,, blue looks great on u hun

  16. Love your shoes,,, they're really nice..