Thursday, October 13, 2011

OOTD: Colored denim and Special Guest

Hola chicas today I bring you an OOTD post but the special guest is Kenya my little sister!. Kenya is a junior in high school who specializes in communications. She is currently doing an internship at a a local radio station and is an avid writer who enjoys reading as well as poetry and art.

Though she is very busy she finds time to be inspired by colors and elements around her and expresses it through her clothing and style. She likes to wear things that are different and out of the ordinary but practical for her student life. I decided to feature her today as she also inspires me to try new things and I admire her courage to be unique and not go with the masses.

I hope you enjoy this outfit of the day special guest edition as much as I did and hopefully we can have more if you like this.

Top: GAP

Watch: G-Shock  Purse: Souvenir shop in Sedona,Az.

Moccasins: UGG

Shorts: Vintage Guess shorts
Bye Chicas!


  1. OMG Aggie! Your sister is gorgeous!!! She has such beautiful eyes, and I am so proud of her! She has an internship at a local radio station and she is only in high school? That is amazing!

  2. awww a mini you!
    you guys look so much alike!
    she is beautiful and her eyes
    are amazing!

    love her pictures!


  3. She is so stunning! OMG and you two look just alike. Great genes girl!

  4. Aggie, your sister Kenya is very beautiful and accomplished! She is going to go far! Love her denim top paired with red shorts. It's a cute outfit! :D

  5. omg your sister is sooo pretty ~~~~!!!! she looks just like you and wow she has some style look at her !!! what a great post !!!

  6. yup yup ... I can totally see the resemblance you are both gorgeous! those eyes pretty !
    I love this fun look great post big sis!

    blessings hun

  7. fabulous shorts :D

    Have a nice weekend


  8. She sounds like a great girl. I love her style the red shorts look great with the denim top & I love the bag from Sedona! She should start her own blog! :)

  9. Aggie, I've given you an award girl. It's SWEET! Check out my post and pass it on to your readers. ((HUG)).

  10. She wears her G-Shock up side down ;(