Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Latina Lifestyle Blogger Conference Las Vegas

Hola chicas I want to share with you all that I have been a member of the Latina Lifestyle Blogger group for a few months. It all started with an email I received from the founder Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco who invited me to join the group. I joined and immediately noticed that the group was cohesive and very involved which was unfamiliar from other groups I have seen.

This past weekend I went to the very first Latina Lifestyle blogger conference in Las Vegas which was also my very first blogger conference. I had already planned the flight, hotel, who my roommate would be and transportation but I was so nervous as I did not know what to expect. Another thing is I went solo without the hubby although he was so supportive and assured me I would have fun but as he dropped me off at the airport I was unsure.

The minute I met the ladies at our hotel entrance everyone was so friendly and some of the faces were familiar from our online conversations and then I felt relief. The ladies were all so different in age, style, background and it made for a very eventful weekend. Our dinner began with a limo ride to our restaurant where the staff was waiting to cater to us and delicious food along with introductions from sponsors. Over the next days we attended workshops that were very informative and interactive almost personalized as we could get all of our questions answered and even received several goodie bags.

Although I am a relatively new member to the group I never once felt left out or doubted being part of this group  as we were all treated equal and everyone was mingling and getting along great. In the midst of laughter, hugs, and even tears we all left the conference feeling like a million bucks! Feeling this way in the sense that we left with so much knowledge, plans, friends, and so many memories of being part of the 1st Latina Lifestyle Blogger conference. I am very grateful that these people came into my life and feel honored to have attended this event, as a matter of fact we are all now making plans for the next conference.

There are so many images but these are just some of the things we experienced during the conference.

Bucca di Beppo placed our name on their sign how cool is that!

No skimping on the delicious food here at this conference.

Author Alisa Valdes Rodriguez from Dirty Girls Social Club book so inspirational.

Sensa Weight Loss one of the sponsors

Joanna Holden from Modular Ink speaking on branding

Intimate class environment in a suite.

Kathy Crowley teaching presentation skills.

Lana Goldenberg workshop on SEO.


  1. Aggie this is SO awesome! What a wonderful opportunity, I am so pleased you joined the event! The ladies all look super nice..did Berty go? I'd love to find a blogger conference or a blog group for Asians!

  2. This is an AMAZING blog post - SOO real. Thank you for sharing and spreading the word about the www.llbloggers.com community! Watch out 2012, lots more opportunities in the works :)

  3. So pretty you ladies are! Next one I am there!

  4. omg! how fun is this
    latinas reunited :D
    you all look gorgeous
    and i am glad you had a great time in Vegas
    you were so close to me :)

    happy tuesday love


  5. I had an amazing time. It was great meeting you gorgeous!! Plus no one has ever told me I remind them of stacy dash LOL so you're golden in my book. xoxo

  6. ooo how fun, i still need to experience that.

  7. That is AWESOME Aggie! It's great connecting with other bloggers. This group looks amazing! Great place to have it. I went to Vegas for the first time in April. Had a blast! Love the food you guys had and you took some awesome pics. Glad you had fun and this will bring even more opportunities your way. :D

  8. Angie this sounds amazing I am so jealous!
    Being latina myself would love to partake in something as such! It really looks like you had a great time !!
    I am very happy to know that the have such a group for latina bloggers.
    Thanks so much for sharing is always fun to read and see pictures !
    you look very pretty on your pictures and well all the ladies on the pictures seem so nice also

    Blessings hun

    Besitos ! Lizbeth


  9. I had no idea they had these, it looks like you had so much fun! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing pictures from your trip.