Saturday, September 18, 2010

Salsa Dancing Outfit & Bebe, Rainbow Haul

Hello chicas here's a quick little outfit post when I went Salsa dancing w/my friends.

Romper:The Clothing Co, Shoes: Rainbow, Belt: Buffalo Exchange.
Some accessories from Zizibeth, Rainbow.

These little rings I got from the flea market for $1 bargain shopping!
Cute little booties I got.
Here' s some tops and a thin blazer that I found. I was looking for some interesting necklines or bling,lol!
They are from Bebe, Zizibeth, and the tie dye from Rainbow.


  1. Love the boots and your outfit was so cute!

  2. Love the booties, they are super cute >3

  3. Love it all now I wanna go shopping!lol

    pretty post!xx

  4. LOVE all of your finds!!! Looks like you have some nice goodies:)

    You look perfect for salsa dancing!

    Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!
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  5. Where did you go Salsa dancung? I live in the same town as you and omg, i have not clue where anything is anymore? Where is Rainbow fashion? Please, pretty please let me know!

    btw, you look sexaaaay! Love the grey booties!

  6. great buys love it ohh salsa dancing how I miss those day eheh

  7. Go girl...Salsa dancing. You look great...Love all the little goodies from the flea market.

  8. wow you found amazing things. i adore those boots. you look very gorgeous for salsa night :)

  9. thanks for the compliment. Girl, I love makeup, anything from soft to all out drama! Definitely, we need to meet up, go for starbucks and shop for makeup, and ofcourse, play with makeup! None of my friends are makeup junkies, so that would be fun, and how awesome is the fact that we are both in PHX ??!!!!!!

  10. love the romper and the boots

  11. cool purchases and i love the outfit you wore for salsa!! :)

  12. you look really nice in this outfit!

    I've been having a look at your blog and I really like it! I follow you now :)

    If you feel like it, come and visit my blog! There's a giveaway going on now, so good luck if you decide to participate! :)