Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zizibeth and Rainbow Haul

I went to Zizibeth and picked up a long tank, yellow lace tank for layering, and found some cute dresses for ahhmazing prices. Im talking cheaper than Forecer21 here. I was so surprised one of the tanks was 4.99, the dresses were 14.99, 20.99, and 16.99!! Wow talk about low prices here where you can really get alot of stuff for not much!

Found this place called "Rainbow" and wondered inside and found so many cute accesoories for buy one get one half off! I was at the register when I spotted the black studded cuties you see here and the cashier sd they were also alf off so I just had to for $15.00!! Come! No guilt trip after hitting up these two places I will def now be a regular there. Overall good shopping day I would say.


  1. Cool! =) I've never heard of Zizibeth. Where is it at?

  2. Tiffany Ive only seen a Zizibeth at Metreo Center Mall and Desert Sky Mall, it is a small asian store. Rainbow I was told byt the cashier is a cheaper sister store of 5-7-9.

  3. You got some great stuff!


  4. Hola chica! Great purchases, sweety!!
    Love them all!

    I am a new follower,