Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OOTD: Denim and Bold Color

Hola chicas! This weekend I finally experienced the weather changing and I truly enjoyed it and made the most out of it by being outdoors at my family gathering.

The event was not all outdoors however I could not help feeling like a child who wants to go out and play and enjoy the sun and the crisp fall breeze. Afterall this is a rare thing in Arizona so when it is the season we are all over it.

I have been wanting to wear my denim jacket for a while so pulled that out and paired it with some skinny black jeans, and decided to throw on a colorful scarf to brighten up the look. Just becasue it is fall does not mean we have to tick to a certain color palltete and felt so much more playful once I added the scarf. My boots were so comfy and kept me warm.

Jacket: Ralph Lauren Jeans: JcPenney Scarf: Old ??

Purse: Coach

Boots: Rider by Fancy Steps

Messy bun, Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

Eyes: Two Faced Enchanted Island pallette Lips: NYX Paris lipsitck

Wanted to climb the tree

Too much fun like when I was a kid.

Silly me.


  1. shauuuuuuuuu
    look at those boots!
    love them :)

    and i need to get a denim jacket asap
    :) i also want a vest

    XOXO ♥
    Melina ♥

  2. Great pictures, looks like you had lots of fun taking them.
    And those boots are gorgeous! I looove them,
    glad we can share the same type of weather here in AZ.
    I'm loving me some cold weather <3

  3. I love those boots!!! I cannot believe it is only starting now to cool off we're officially in close to winter mode...SO NOT READY!

  4. Such a cute outfit I love the colorful scarf! I also love your hair. I put my hair in a bun this weekend too :]

  5. The outfit is really cute and the colors = fun!!

  6. Those boots are fabulous! Also loving the fun color with a simple outfit, it looks beautiful!



  7. Great pictures I love your scarf goes very well with the jacket! <3<3

  8. Cute outfit! I love the pop of color from the scarf!
    and your boots!!

  9. Hey Aggie! It's refreshing to see your use of COLOR in a beautiful winter outfit. LOVE that scarf! It's a keeper. Love the jean jacket and those boots (the buckles on them are gorgeous). You look great girl. It's finally turned cooler here too. :D

  10. Girl, this outfit looks so cool! It looks like something JLo would wear. Love the boots too :)

  11. You look amazing! I so love this look for you! your hair in a bun looks so hot !


  12. You should come to NY. You'll have plenty of reasons to wear cute fall clothes. I LOVE those boots.

    Your blog is amazing!! You got great style. I'll be following :) Can't wait to catch up.

  13. You look fabulous dear, love that scarf! Have a great weekend! xx -Taj

  14. great scarf!!!