Monday, January 21, 2013

Announcement and Updates

 I know many of you follow me on Instagram which is where I post the majority of my updates and pictures as of lately.

I wanted to share with you that over the holidays (two weeks before Thanksgiving to be exact) I started planning my WEDDING! Yes that may sound crazy but we stumbled upon a location and we just fell in love with it and thought why don't we get married here?

With this being said the days and weeks after that day have flown by. I knew time was fast but the days fly by as I am busy working, planning and trying to write some posts sporadically which I hope you can understand. I am a very sporadic blogger and have come to realize this blog is an extension of me and with the years has become part of my life. Once I stop blogging I may be relaxed but I always return as I feel like a part of me (which is all of you) is missing. So why not share the news formally and let you know that I am now a bride to be minus the Bridezilla part I hope.

I will share some images to give you a run down of the whirlwind and fun times and moment I have had once this wedding planning journey started and will post more from here if you enjoyed this.

Boxes I made for my bridesmaids
The initial stage when I was actually caught up on my reading Brides mags.
We had so much fun at the cake tasting with the yummy flavors and designing our cake.
A visit to the L.A Flower Market surrounded by these beautiful flowers

Candy is one of my special friends and bridesmaid she has been a tremendous help in the planning as she has experienced this before and has been a great resource love her.
Sisty Kim my MOH college student and have had so much fun late night sleepovers she has done so many DIY for our wedding already shes too sweet. Hence the sugar overload bribes lol.


  1. Awww love it! Congrats again and I can't wait to see more of your wedding plans. Thanks for sharing with us. xoxo

  2. yay i'm so excited that you're getting married! It was great seeing you on Saturday!