Monday, August 1, 2011

Push Arizona Forward Fashion @ The Mint

Hola lovelies! I wanted to share some of the pictures of an event that took place late last week. The event was hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week at The Mint. PHFW always throws the best events as they have a creative and fashion forward thinking group that is involved and strive for originality and encourage networking between models, designers, brands, and companies just to name a few.

I wish I had more pictures to show you all when the models were announced that will participate in Phoenix Fashion Week as they walked o nthe runway but sadly I had to depart early but hopefully you can get a feel for the event with these images.

They had an area exclusively for bloggers how cool is that!

A model displaying the theme of the night Mint color!

Decor on the ceiling

My friend Wade Lee check him out

Vitamin Water sponsored the event and they used these as lanterns around the runway to create a varied lighting effect of different colors with their different flavors.

PHXFW fashionable crew!



  1. looks great you ladies have some great events to go to !!! looks amazing that place looks awesome you AZ girlies have some style =)

  2. So cool you did this as a fashion blogger!! What a fun event!