Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Favorites

Hola chicas! Over the past month of July I did notice and kept track of the things I was reaching for the most. They were very simple things that I either used on a daily basis or things kept in very frequent rotation.

Here is a quick video of some of the things and please subscribe to my videos on Youtube as there will be more to come. The light was coming in too bright and not sure if you ar able to see some of the items so I also took some pics posted below.

40 Carrots Serum. This stuff makes my skin feel silky smooth the next morning as I apply it at night.

SkinCeuticals: Facial SPF 50. Great stuff not greasy or smelly.

LORAC Bronzer: Baked Bronze Hard Candy Highlighter: Pin Up

NYX: San Paolo, Antwerp

Nude Heels in different shades.

Piece for decor to add finishing touch. Love this!
Source: Google (Couldnt get a good picure of Candid Coral blush)

What have been your favorite things for the month of July?


  1. The LORAC bronzer is lookin good! Nice post, thx for posting these stuff up! I might get some of em :)


  2. some great things on here love your video's makes me remember you more !!! can';t wait till you come to CA again !!

  3. OHHH! loved looking through your haul! your two new nude heels are so cute!

  4. Cool, thanks for sharing:) Nude heels have been my fave too! Now I want to try the 40 carrots serum!

  5. Those heels are gorgeous, I want them for fall. Carrot serum sounds interesting.

  6. good stylwe, and beautiful blog. I'll follow you! many hugs, Valentina

  7. I love those nude heels! Also the bronzing powder from Lorac is supposedly fabulous! I am going to try it out soon! I don't know if you received my response, but the H&M tassel belt you liked in yesterday's post was purchased in May. One of my readers said she saw it in orange just last week. :)

  8. i just disvoer your blog, it´s great!!! i have to buy the bronzing for these summer!

  9. Hi doll! I love your video! I need to get my youtube channel going, but I've been so shy to upload! lol. Maybe soon ;) Keep it glam!! p.s. love the 40 carrots will have to try! xo -Taj

  10. Wow, that serum sounds really awesome. I have oily skin too and this sounds like something that would work for me.

    Love how you look in the video :)

  11. i have the san paolo on the way, can't wait to try it!

    Vonnie of