Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NOTD, I won!, and Japanese Festival Pics

Hola chicas. Sorry I have been MIA this past week but I have been so busy working and trying to meet up with friends when I do have spare time.

Well I got my nails re-done this past weekend and I seriously did not know what color to pick. I have picked such different colors lately and forget. Hmm maybe you chicas can give me some suggestions on what color/design to choose next time??
OPI Nail Polish: purple tips not sure about the name, black trim, and black,white and silver design.

Another thing I entered Dahlia @ MzFashionCloset.com's giveaway and I won!! I was so excited when she announced the winner since I have never really won anything that I was so thrilled to get this gorgeous and luxurious lipstick from YSL! Dahlia is so generous and is so talented she is the FIRST blog I followed I love her sense of fashion and she is super talented with makeup as well. I am sure some of you follow her already but check her out in case you don't. www.mzfashioncloset.com

She enclosed this super cute Barbie card how sweet.

YSL Lipstick  No. 26. Love the packaging

Tender Peach

Last but not least here are a few pics of the Japanese Matsuri Festival this past weekend in my area, hope you like.
Bonsai Trees they were so beautiful they had hundreds of them

Japanese Tapestry

Drum show

Water Balloons they were giving out to kids so colorful and much inspiration.

Amazing flowers and plants
Hope you girls enjoy my random, and picture heavy post. I hope you all are having a wonderful week beauties. Besitos xoxoxo.


  1. Now that's some prize there love ysl lipsticks there to die for !!! Liking the nails !!!

  2. Love your nails - so pretty (: Really like your blog by the way!

  3. cool! I love Japanese festivals. always a bunch of food being sold lol! The nails are really nice too. I wanna redo my nails now =)

  4. congrats on winning!!! that lipstick is gorgeous, bet you love it :D

    great nails!


  5. oo lucky you! enjoy your lippy, i want to try those out so badly

  6. Awesome nails women ! Love em ,, and great pics

  7. I'm glad you received it safely and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :-)


  8. I love your nails and those are really cool pictures! Check out my blog? http://jellybutton100.blogspot.com

  9. Thats awesome. I never win lol i love the nails and the YSL lipstick is fabulous!!! <3