Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Arizona Fashion Meetup @ The Whitehouse

Hola chicas sorry for the lack of posts but my laptop was acting up and just now got this up and running. I have a mini haul, an OOTD, and other pics to post later this week hopefully there will be more more technical problems sheesh! lol

Attended the Fashion Meetup this past Friday, it was a very well attended event that brought together photographers, bloggers, designers and vendors who displayed their goodies. Here are a few images for you girls to see what took place that evening of networking.

Awesome disco ball to set the atmosphere @ The Whitehouse
Goodies from Fancie Pantz
Lots of Bling!
Handcrafted colorful handbags from East Coast Designer Nneka Saran
Beautiful model displaying her work.
Stone jewelry with silver and hand crafted greeting cards.
Cookie Lee
Anna Marie from Shop Devious, Kristine, Myself, Bianca & Tiffany from Material Girl.
And of course my hunnybun was also part of this he always supports everything I do love him!


  1. I second that!! Great post sweetie!!

    btw..I love our pic.. =)

  2. Oh wow, this event looks super fun! And you look so hot!

  3. Wow! Iwish i knew about this event. i would love to attend something like this here in AZ....ugh, maybe next time...its such a shame AZ has these events and i dont even know about them =/ btw,

    You look hooootttt!!


  4. Looks like a fab time!!! You all look beautiful!

  5. how fun! wish i wouldve known since i had no kiddos that night. you guys look great!

  6. your blog is AMAZING! love love love it! Brightens up a dull day for me here in Ireland

  7. omg that event looks so cool!!

    you and your fiance are seriously a GORGEOUS couple!!

    the cruise was for i think 8 days total.. so kinda long.. hahah.

  8. love the goodies! hope i have that much in my own closet. hehe.

    come visit and hope you`ll follow my blog too. thanks!


  9. guys look so cute. I love the last pic Aggie.


  10. this looks like it was so much fun!! love the pics.

    cute & little
    come join the Color Brigade!