Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit

Hello beauties hope you are having a lovely day. Last week was Valentines Day and I knew I would see multiple posts about Single Awareness day lol. I always had a Valentine not because I had a boyfriend but because my mom and dad would always greet me with a teddy bear or balloons. It's just another day but the extras are always nice and welcomed.

Hunnybun and I got Mom some beautiful flowers, a pashmina scarf to match and some stationary for her desk as well as candy. She was super happy when he brought it in and then he followed it with a bouquet for me. He's super sweet we've been together forever so I was ecstatic to get beautiful fresh flowers.

I also sent my sister who's in college a super adorable Valentine customized basket from Fancy Steps and the best part was that it arrived on time. Sisty was happy to get this valentine needless to say.

I wore red and mixed it with some zip up fitted trousers and boots as it was windy and cool weather that day. Hope you enjoy this post.


  1. So cute!You are so sweet to your family!

  2. sooooooooooooooomeone got spoiled cute outfit too

  3. you look beautiful friend miss you soon you soon !!! you such a amazing daughter !!!