Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Experience with Dr. Robles Plastic Surgeon

I was invited as a special guest blogger to learn about Dr. Robles Plastic Surgery office and what services they offer to their vast client base in the Phoenix Metro Area. I must admit I was very nervous when they contacted me as I am knowledgeable about most beauty matters but not in plastic surgery.
Iron custom artwork in the lobby. 
Love the silhouette of his business cards great design concept.
The entrance Spanish style office condo.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by the friendly staff and gorgeous smiling ladies who offered me tea and water as I was seated. The atmosphere at Dr. Robles office was warm and inviting. I did not get the clinical cold vibe like some doctors offices or what you would expect.

Smiling beauties to greet you.
First and foremost Dr. Ramon A. Robles specializes in plastic surgery in particular breast augmentation, tummy tuck, lipo sculpting, and some injectable alternatives such as Botox. As a highly skilled plastic surgeon who has changed many peoples lives Dr. Robles prides himself in his clients most of the women who are Latinas for which he has coined one of his procedures as "The Latina Mami Makeover". In his many years of practice Dr. Robles has experienced many clients who have gone through dramatic weight loss, people who have had children and went through extreme body changes, and even plastic surgeries gone wrong where he has had to help these patients recover their bodies to help them lead their normal lives and  boost their self esteem.

One thing I really liked about our conversation was that no matter how many questions and how awkward they were Dr. Robles was so gracious and had a real life answers for it. There comes a point where it is obvious a person enjoys what they do and he is not an exception.

Dr. Robles Facts:

  • Plastic surgery is not a quick fix if you do not want to diet and exercise. You must lose all the weight you want the traditional way as being overweight can increase the risks during any surgical procedure.

  • Many patients go back and forth and always go for the lowest priced doctor thinking they are getting a great deal but your health is nothing to bargain for.

  • Do your research and make sure at if your doctor has their credentials and is registered with American Association of Plastic Surgeons you can read up on their credentials and all their profile info.

  • After his undergraduate studies Dr. Robles went on to attend Duke University Aesthetic Surgery Center where he performed surgery on a severe face burn victim and resulted in their face being restored to a normal which made the patient and family very happy and grateful.

  • Dr, Robles changes lives, he sees many cases where women come in with their spouses and partners and their face is emotionless. After the surgery and the quick recovery he greets them both with smiling faces and both hugging Dr. Robles for helping them boost their self esteem and restoring that luster in the relationship.

  • Most importantly the goal of Dr. Robles is a patient who is happy with their results, healthy, and a quick recovery as is the case with most of his patients.
Dr. Ramon A. Robles
Dr. Robles and his wonderful staff who are very friendly.
One of the many awards Dr. Robles has received.

After my afternoon of laughs and intense Q & A with Dr. Robles and his staff I am more knowledgeable and although I have not had any procedures you better bet WHEN I do. I will most definitely visit my good ole' friend Dr. Robles to help enhance my curves.

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