Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OOTD: Leopard Loafers

Im a sucker for loafers and no better way to have them than in a modern leopard print. I was so happy to see that Fancy Steps did carry this style and was able to get them. I let them speak for themselves in this simple but very spring appropriate outfit.

I love the top how it is sort of structured but in a very light way and initially had my hair in a messy bun but then decided to let it flow to be more relaxed. I hope you enjoy this look.


  1. Love this outfit! The loafers and your arm candy is just fab!

  2. Cute outfit!! it's so chic and chill at the same time :) your hair looks so nice!

    ps. let me know if you come to SD soon :) we can meet up!

  3. What can I say, it is from the outfits I adore, simple yet elegant...And noone can ever go wrong with a Chanel bag or animal print loafers...
    When you get the chance visit my blog again and tell me what you think of its new look!I will be very happy to see you following my blog cause I have an amazing giveaway coming up soon!!
    Filia (kisses in Greek)

  4. loving it girlie you look great miss you tons !!

  5. Love the outfit Aggie, love the loafers too. I wish I looked good in loafers. I'm so used to wearing heels & wedges.

  6. Adore those loafers!! I really want some too!


  7. Super Cute!! BTW, I awareded you a couple of blogger awards. Check my blog out. ;)

  8. I am just loving your ombre hair!!! Cute loafers too...

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