Sunday, April 29, 2012

OOTD: Mint Flowers

Holas chicas Spring is here and of course I had to whip out this dress that I had hauled a few months  ago. I featured it in one of my video hauls and just wore it this weekend to be en route on a trip for my hunny's birthday.

I got so many compliments on this dress. Some friends and I were walking in Downtown San Diego and we got stopped by this group of people who were on a scavenger hunt and they needed a picture with someone wearing BRIGHT clothes! I felt weird but I wanted to help them so I posed all funny like they did and they finally got their picture.

This was very comfortable and fitting and loose in all the right places.I also got my nails did and had not really tried any purples and I had to go to a different nail salon because it was very late in the evening. I picked a very  unconventional color that I hardly wear but I was happy with it and its only for a week and a half or so before I go back lol.

Apologies for these pictures I have not been using my DSLR camera very much its just so heavy to be carrying around sometimes. Do you all use your big cameras for all your posts or do you sometimes blog from your phones? I am just curious since it has been so much quicker for me but I know the picture quality may not be comparable.

Dress: Marshall's Earrings: Charlotte Russe Watch: Michael Kors
Sun was super bright sorry for the goofy expression
I forgot the names of these polishes but this was the combo used by the manicurist.


  1. I love how this dress looks on you girl!
    Too cute!
    I think if I have a nice camera like that I would soo want to carry it everywhere, I think.. ha ha

    That manicure is adorable, need to try out some purples soon!

  2. love this outfit reminds me of classic look !! miss you always

    your friend

  3. Such a GORGEOUS outfit!! You look gorgeous love!

  4. This is a beautiful dress Aggie, you look great in it! I also love your nails, sooo cute.

  5. Girl, you are perfect from head to toe. This is such a gorgeous outfit. The color suits you well.