Thursday, December 15, 2011

OOTN: Top Knot with Red

Hola chicas here is an outfit I wore to the previous event I attended. It was a cold night and I had initially planned to wear a dress but as I ran late I knew it was not going to work out due to ill preparation and the fact that I was a bit bloated : (

I decided to pull out this red blazer I wore in a previous post HERE. I wanted something besides a black top that would make it stand out. The week before I had scored a fab vintage silk loose top that was black and had vertical black stripes. I did not want to be too casual but did not want to be to office-y looking by wearing slacks. I finished off the look with these stretchy fabric and stretchy pleather pants that were so comfortable.

I hope you like this outfit and enjoyed it as much as I did. Sometimes the things we have planned out in our head that don't come out benefit us and push us to be more creative.

No fuss bun this saved my life!

Some Jeffersons

Giving an interview

Serpentine Necklace by Jewelmint

Boots: Fancy Steps

Bianca and Tiffany from Material Girls23

My dear friend Eric!

Tiff showing us her outfit.

Look at these dangerous shoes.
Textured skull clutch

Bianca showing off her look of the night.

Metallics and sequins.


  1. Aggie, your hair looks so cute up girl! You're a doll. Love the red blazer and pants. Those boots are awesome!!!

  2. You girls look wonderful I love your friends sequin jacket

  3. fabulous pairing; that is a fantastic blazer and i love the boots & pleather!

  4. You did a great job putting this outfit together girl!
    I love the red blazer <3
    All 3 of you look gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing just another one of your great looks!


  5. Girl you look FABULOUS!

  6. I love the red blazer and the boots. You rocked that outfit! :)

  7. dammmmmmmmm
    sexy sexy!
    i've missed you!
    i hope you are doing good love!


  8. love your outfit!! The stripes and the red blazer is perfect

  9. Wow you look amazing!! I love the outfit and hair! I've missed your posts!!

  10. Oh nice.. You rock highbuns so elegantly. Fabulous girl, as always.

  11. Love the red blazer
    Love the Boots
    LOVE the scull clutch =]

  12. Hola linda, I am totally loving your blazer ! you are totally looking like Kourtney Kardashian..!

    Blessings hun ! happy holidays.

  13. VERY CUTE! I need a red blazer!
    Hope you're having a great holiday season!

  14. gorgeous outfit, you styled it perfectly... love the hair bun and everything :)


  15. I love the outfits. Red does look good on you - I love the way you look also.

  16. You look fabulous dear!! I love the hairdo! Hope you have a fab Christmas!! xx -Taj

  17. Aggie, you and the other 2 girls totally could pass as the kardashian sisters. I love the outfit and SO glad see a comment and post from you. Hope all is well.