Wednesday, December 28, 2011

OOTN: Christmas Edition

Hola chicas! I hope you all had a magical Christmas with your loved ones wether it be family or friends or both. This year we hosted Christmas at our house and of course with all that comes much hard work making the preparations and touching up last minute decorations.

I was so happy and filled with joy to have mostly all of my family under one roof. I think as the years pass I truly feel the holiday spirit and really understand why people feel nostalgic around this time of year.

Here is a small recap of what I wore and other miscellaneous images from Christmas Eve.

Lips: MAC London Life

Sweater: Worthington JcPenney Tweed Shorts: H&M Tights: Charlotte Russe Shoes: Penny Loafers Fancy Steps
Merry Christmas!

Necklace: Bought this summer on a Haul vid HERE but never worn until now.

Shes ready for the guests with her windbreaker outfit.

Stocking for me and my hunnybun and the middle one is Bella's the bottom is a gift for her from parents.

Gold twinkle eyes using my eye glitters for the first time.

Eyeliner: Clinique Gel Liner. Once again no lashes I was in a hurry.
The cousins

Attempted to take my own pic before I recruited him to take my outfit pictures.
My cousin Luis Angel MADE this delicious marble cheesecake!
Chocolate covered Strawberries

Trying to arrange presents.


Cozy fire perfect for the smores.I had one too many!


  1. Love your shorts with the tights! Such a great look for Christmas!

  2. Looks like an amazing time! So festive. The strawberries and smores were a cute touch!
    Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

  3. sshauuuuuu
    look at you!
    beautiful outfit!
    red looks good on ya friend!

    ...smores on xmas!
    super jealous .. i wish i had that
    in the backyard!

    merry xmas gorgeous!


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  4. Love the outfit & makeup! You look beautiful :)
    Great family pics I wish I would have taken more of mine on Christmas Eve!

  5. Very pretty! That is something I'd like to wear!

  6. Red is ref yr color Gorgeous Outfit!
    Bella is yr pero's name? Mine too :)

    Happy Holidays Babe

  7. wow the food looks amazing and by food im definitely talking about the desert lol, i have a sweet tooth. I also love your photos, your make up looks very cute!

  8. your outfit is so perfect look !!! you look so pretty friend Miss you tons !!

  9. great outfit, i need to find a red sweater, i don't have one, lol...

    come visit soon. =D.

  10. You look so beautiful <3

  11. Great outfit. I looove wearing red for Christmas , even though i didn't this year.
    Your dog is adorable with her little outfit.
    Yumm,, smores! Definitely something my family would do. Glad to see you had an amazing Christmas eating lots of yummy desserts..
    Your photos look amazing by the way...

  12. Aggie so glad to see you again! The holidays went by so quickly and MAN does that cheesecake look yummmmmmmmmy! Your cousin made it??? WOW!!!

  13. wonderful necklace and the red lipstick is so beautiful on you! X

  14. Aggie, that red & gray looked awesome on you! I love your necklace too! I have a new blog url, so I wanted to keep you in the loop. :)

  15. Your doggie is sooo SOO precious! Congrats on all your blogging success, you look beautiful happy new year! <3 - Summer