Monday, June 25, 2012

OOTD: Silky Top Denim Shorts

Hi there lovelies! This weekend I was going through so many pictures from the early 90's on the internet. I noticed in the early 90's era there was many silky printed tops worn and also rayon shirts with weird designs as well as light denim shorts.

I had this top for a few months from a trip to the thrift store. My sister Kenia thought it was interesting since it had perfume bottles and glasses along with other girly stuff so I took it from her. The shorts have just been acquired. I've been looking everywhere for "MOM" jeans. I finally found these Ralph Lauren mom jeans and cut them to make these cuffed shorts.

I look straight out of a 1993 photo album voila! I loved it was super comfortable and had a blast wearing this. Isn't it crazy how dressing from a different era can give you a different feeling and give you excitement?

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Loafers: Fancy Steps


  1. Love your shoes!!

  2. Girl this is so cute!! I love the touches of turquoise! & I'm sooo inlove with your shorts! I love that these are so in now. The top is just fab!

  3. you look great, I love the entire outfit! The shorts are super cute on you!

  4. It seems like the 90's are almost too recent to be considered vintage! You've got the look down though... And I LOVE the spiked blue loafers!

  5. LOVE how your rocked the top! and those loafers are sooooo cute!!

  6. look at you aug when I first saw the look with out reading about it I was look wow flashback Aggie !!! love those spike thank you for featureing them on your blog

    biigggggg hugs

  7. 90s style was all over the place, and I think you pulled this off well. Fan of your not-so 90s shoes!