Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Shopping and Sales

Hola chicas another start to a magnificent week and continue with the enegy. Happy Chinese New Year and rememeber that it is the year of the Dragon and it signifies POWER!

This weeekend was short and sweet however I managed to snag some goodies all at super great prices. I just love it when stores are changing their inventory so that I can shop for next to nothing and not feel guilty.

First stop was CVS which had a 75% off Milani Cosmetics. I made out like a bandit an spent about $20 for so much products which I have been wanting to try. I even made a video haul about it I was so excited to let everyone know about it.

Milani Cosmetics Haul Video

Next stop JcPenney where I did some multitasking at their Sephora counter and snagged more colored jeans. They were orifinally $22.00 but these were marked down way below that!!

Love saving on my clothes, beauty stuff, and all girly things.


  1. ok seriously
    you got such a great bargain!
    i been wanting color jeans for ever
    and to pay 9 bucks for each .. u lucky :)

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  2. That's an amazing deal on those pants...You can transition those right into spring. I love hearing about these deals! Good job.

  3. I love everything you got at CVS & you saved so much money!! Aren't those pants super cute! I bought the same green pants the other day.

  4. This is an amazing haul Aggie! I received the liquid liner in purple once in a gift I have to see where it is because I'd like to try it out! Enjoy your new products :)

  5. This is so awesome! A load of great cosmetics and I love the color of those jeans. You go girl! :D

  6. Great haul, love the cosmetics :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.


  7. I love the pants! I have the green ones and am in love with them! Can't wait to see how you style them!!