Thursday, January 5, 2012

OOTD: A New Day

Hola chicas hope you are all having an excellent first week of the year and keeping yourselves smiling and motivated as I am doing.

On the first day of the year after meeting up with amazing bloggers and my friend Candy I decided to continue my celebration of a new year with my friend. He is a great motivator and loves to take pictures and go hiking. On this day we decided to spontaneously go try a new for us seafood restaurant.

Before that we had some margaritas by the pool. The weather was nice and crisp not too hot or cold. This was a perfect occasion for us to set our goals and mind up for the new year and see what it has in store for us. I love days like this. Days when you do not plan a thing but everything is perfect and falls into place. Days where you have a smile on your face at all times.

Dress: H&M Shoes: Fancy Steps Love Booties

I can be out in the sun forever.

What if I fell into the pool lol.

Necklace: Forever21

Braceelets: Charlotte Russe Ring: Old Watch: Michael Kors


  1. So pretty! That LBD looks great on you , loved the red accents, wish I could pull off red lips are perfect as you do!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. that is such a cute dress!
    and i am loving those red boots!
    the highlight of your outfit


    Melina ♥

  3. Beautiful, looking good chica!

  4. Wow! You look so hot and chic! Love it chica. Oh and I love the pop of red on your lips. Real classic.


  6. i have that dress, isn't it cute?
    you look great.

  7. Hey there Aggie! Happy New year to you and yours. Wishing you nothing but the best in 2012.

    You look great!


  8. Aggie, this is such a lovely and cool outfit! I love it. And yes, keep smiling and stay postive this year. I'm doing the same :)

  9. LOVE this look, honey!! You are rocking the hell out of those red booties

  10. Really pretty! I love the dress, boots and that RING! Looking amazing honey! xoxo Thanks for sharing

  11. Aggie, you look really good girl! That dress is gorgeous and so are your accessories. I love perfect days like that and I'm glad you enjoyed yours. Don't you wish everyday could be like that? Hope you have an amazing weekend.

  12. Happy New Year doll! You look gorgeous! Love that dress on you ;) xx -Taj

  13. You look beautiful Aggie! That dress looks fantastic on you and I love the shoes! Margaritas by the pool in January? Sign me up!!!

  14. I LOVE your dress you look amazing in it. I bought one similar to it at Papaya. You just gave me the idea of wearing it with a belt next time!