Saturday, September 17, 2011

OOTN: Feline and Red

Hola chicas I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. It was a friends birthday and we decided to meet up for dinner and drinks at a Mexican cantina where we had a great time eating some good spicy chips and salsa and enchiladas, as well as some yummy margaritas. However before beginning the festivities I was in such a hurry to get there that I just tousled my hair half curled half not and the BIGGEST mistake was for me to forgo putting on mascara!

I know its the most important thing but I was literally running out the door trying to get my camera and some balloons we had to take but I quickly realized I felt a little NAKED without them! Lesson learned NEVER forget to put on mascara. Well here is a feline inspired night out on the town outfit I was very comfortable and this top was actually long and loose but I tucked it in and put the bodycon skirt cinched with a studded black belt and shiny black pumps.

Despite my big makeup mistake I had a great time dancing and chatting with my friends. Have any of you chicas ever forgotten anything from your beauty routine?

Top: Charlotte Russe Hoop Earrings: Rainbow

Bangles and Ring: Wet Seal

Lipstick: MAC Russian Red Eyeliner: MAC Feline


  1. Looking good Aggie!!!! Love the red lip on you.


  2. Oooo Aggie I love this top! And you did an awesome job on your eye make-up that I can't even tell there isn't any mascara on! Bet it was a fun night, enjoy!

  3. You are so pretty!:)

  4. So beautiful! I love your outfit. It looks great on you. I adore the animal print top paired with your black skirt. And OH the color of those walls!!! What a great photo shoot!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  5. Aggie, you look smokin' hot! I love the whole outfit and the red hot!

    I feel you girl, I feel naked too whenever I forget to wear mascara lol.

  6. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! you look really great in this outfit, so damn hot!!
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  7. Wow! Hot look!

    Once, they confiscated my lip gloss at the security check in the airport. I was traveling for work and was whisked away to the hotel and then whisked back to the airport - no time for shopping. Not even to a drug store where I could replace the gloss. I felt naked and just 'off' without it! I resorted to putting a shimmery eyeshadow on my lips! But somehow I managed to persevere!

  8. oh em geee
    margaritas ! my favorite
    i want some right now lol ..

    it happened to me so many times
    you are in such a hurry and you
    get to the car sit and your are like
    DAMMMM! i forgot my mascara .. that's
    why now when i leave in a hurry i always
    take my little make up bag just in case
    i make that mistake again lol .. i learned
    my lesson ..

    you looked gorgeous though
    i bet no body noticed the mascara love ;)

    did u have a good weekend?


  9. You look great! Love the top ;) xo -Taj

  10. Lovin this look! Your hair is AMAZING! It looks so thick and healthy!

    xoxo - your newest follower,
    Denise :)

  11. Yes! I love everything about your outfit/look. Your lipstick definitely sets off the whole outfit. Great choice. & your top is fab & the accessories are niiice!

  12. Great top Angie. I love it I just got one from Express! loving this print for the season! and the hair! great post Im sure you had a lot of fun!
    thanks for sharing!

  13. I have done that quite a few times!! I hate that but GIRL you rocked it regardless.

  14. you look great friend !! who care about the mascara you look perfect !!

  15. great look and you lipstick is amazing!

  16. Jyz sent me =) ... I love this look! So pretty!!! Love the lips <3

  17. hola hot momma!! I wanted to let you know there's a little award on my blog for you!!
    hope all is well !

  18. hi love :)

    i came to tell u the same thing that liz said ^^

    there is a little gift for you in my blog


  19. Even if you forgot to wear mascara you still look amazing! You look GREAT! When I don't wear mascara my makeup just doesn't look right. I love what you're wearing too:)
    Little Petite

  20. Love your Outfit. So Nice
    Love S.
    Check out our Blog

  21. Nice outfit!

  22. love the ring! so cute

  23. I love your outfit! especially the leopard & red lips!


  24. Fantastic style!!!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela