Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homecoming Photoshoot for The House of Wade Lee

Hola chicas this past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to assist my good friemd Wade Lee from The House of Wade Lee for his new promotional Homecoming photoshoot.

There were two super cute models who were such good sports about everything, even fighting for the crown! Fashion styling was done by Monyca Cordova who is co-founder of Deeds of Love clothing line and Hair and Makeup by Wade Lee and Photography by JLynn Photography.

Everyone was so nice to work with and im the end all the poses came out great and my friends promo was very nicely done. I love collaborating with people in anything I can to help as I exercise my networking skills and also a little bit of my hair and makeup background as well taking photos to cover the event on the blog and share with you. It is so fulfilling seeing a project complete that you were part of as it took a collective effort to complete.

We were very busy so I took a couple of pictures myself but not many hope you all like these. For the finished flyer please go to The House of Wade Lee website.

Prepping models hair and makeup

Glam lashes

Country bridal look with finger waves.

The location was very charming as well.

Back of the dress detail

I love the silhouette this creates the backlight.

Colorful dress I love it

Back details.

Monyca Cordova

Some of the decor

These were my favorite


  1. Wow! What a deal, $50 for hair makeup and some photos! And the girls look gorgeous and they're so young!

  2. thats amazing

    i am happy for you
    that you got to experience this!

    now i need some tips from you
    on how to apply the fake eyelashes ..
    i am still having a hard time and i get frustrated :(



  3. @ Bravoe Runway yes I agree I wish this deal was around back when I was in high school! They are very young going through this right now in h.s.
    @Melu103 Yea no prob girl its easy once you do it a few times practice makes perfect and wiggle the band when its new to make it flexible for your eye.

  4. Amazing! Good Job loves!! =)

  5. Looks like you had fun Aggie...they look nice.


  6. What a great opputunity to be part of that shoot.

  7. Girls you lookd great!
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  8. wow beautiful, girls look fantastic, great dresses :)


  9. You sound like you had a great time! The models look great!!