Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: Neutrogena Products

Hello chicas! I was sent this line of products for review purposes from  Neutrogena  and I wanted to test them out continually so that I can provide an accurate review in my experience with this.

Over the spring I have been using same skin care regimen as I was in the fall and winter however it was not working for me as my skin started getting oily and breaking out due to the warm weather and increased sun exposure. Another thing I noticed was that I started breaking out around my face and even neck around the same time I increased my use of SPF products. Needless to say I was not happy and figured had nothing to lose in trying this line.

What it claims: Acne fighting cleansing products that contain maximum strength (2%) salicylic acid, micro bead technology to treat and prevent breakouts. 100% derived grapefruit extract plus vitamin C to help eliminate dirt and oil and rinses without over drying.

What it did

 Used the gel cleanser in the morning and the foaming cleanser in the evening to change things up. The cleansers and the facial scrub smells a lot like grapefruit which I was not a big fan of but It grew on me and the scent was so refreshing in the mornings. The gel cleanser makes your skin feel very clean but once you are done rinsing it can make the skin feel a bit tight and sort of "too clean" however when I followed by my toner i did notice less dirt and bacteria leftover.

  • The cream cleanser feels milder and once you use it after the facial scrub you get a tingly minty feeling on your face at first I thought it was bad but once I changed things up I knew it was right after using the scrub that the cream cleanser gave that stingy feeling to my face. 

  • The facial scrub had bigger micro beads than what I thought that once I was done I would see some lingering in my hair but it really did scrub all the dead skin cells and my skin felt smoother after regular use.

  • The Body clean body wash was my favorite product by far from this line. I normally used regular body wash that smells good but did not do much to the skin on my body. But this not only smelled good but really buffed the top layers of my skin on my back, chest, legs, and arms that I can definitely see a big difference and I am tanner now so I have to admit looks great almost like a natural glow.

  • The first weeks of using the facial products I noticed alot of dryness around my chin and nose area which is normally the oiliest. I compensated by putting on extra moisturizer. After the dryness subsided I noticed little bumps around my cheeks and even around my nose but these little bumps had blackheads that were NOW VISIBLE!! Ok so I continued with the product and it appeared to me that it overall did a slight peeling at first and brought up all the bacteria from pores to the surface which believe it or not I LIKED!  
  • After a month of use I am actually happy with the results my skin is smooth, even, and I now KNOW that the pores are clean and got rid of the junk deep inside without having to do extractions. I am still not done with the bottles and they are still half way so you do get quite a bit of product which is always a plus to get a bang for your buck. One thing though it did dry my skin for the first 2 weeks and I have pretty oily skin so I can definitely see the facial products drying out normal to sensitive skin and perhaps not working for these types. I would only recommend this for oily acneic skin that can handle the high concentration of salicylic acid. 
 Pic of me in natural light

Pic of me in indoor light.


  1. i love neutrogena products. i use the face wash every morning and night. your skin looks great!

  2. I love neutrogena's face washes. Cant live without the oil free acne wash