Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Color Trend: Emerald

Hello lovelies I have been overwhelmed with projects around the house that have actually gotten bigger than anticipated.

I have been catching up on my fashion magazines in between moments and have noticed the color emerald being very prominent on many fashion runways as well as shades of makeup and other cosmetics. Although I love color in general I've never really owned many emerald pieces. I decided to take this silky emerald hi low dress that has never been worn since January. Yes that's right I have things in my closet I just forget about.

Although I am not too experienced at wearing emerald I loved the color and want to try more pieces. Have you tried this color trend?


  1. Gorgeous color dress!!


  2. I have yet to get something emerald, it's such a gorgeous color and it looks amazing on you, such a great dress Aggie!

  3. This color compleemnts your skin color so well, you look great. I love those shoes too !!


  4. I love this color and you're definitely rocking it girl. Great dress.

    <3 Marina

  5. Wow! You look so GLAM! I love this color on you!!!