Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random pictures

Hola chicas! I have not forgotten about blogging but lately I have noticed that I have been updating more on Instagram and my Facebook blog page. I like updating daily tidbits as time allows for it more and its much quicker to upload an item or if I see a sale going on that I want to share with you lovelies.

Me and my love enjoying some time at the park. Simple things that make me happy.
Hiking has been a regular thing no for me I feel free when I reach the summit and it feels like I can conquer anything.
Some good Vietnamese food. Pho and Banh Mi.
My Fancy Steps earrings too cute.
Little Gianni is now 3 years old wow big boy!
Been trying all my Milani products here I am wearing Mandarina lipstick and also the face powder and the bronzer in number 2.
Vintage tray I found for some of my jewelry. I wish it fit everything but at least its pretty to look at.
I have been somewhat trying to abstain from acrylic nails. Here is an Orly nail look I tried as well as a taupe color from Nabi.
Of course went out for sushi with my momma. It was unplanned happy hour I love her she is my best friend.
Another nail look with Borghese and Wet n Wild


  1. Little Gianni is so cute! I need to set him up with my niece Talia!
    Yum - Vietnamese food!!!

    Great pics - you have a beautiful life...

    1. Aw Im sure they would love to play. Life is short we have to make the best of it right?

  2. I love these pictures Aggie, I've never seen what your husband looks like..and is that your son? I didn't know that you had a kid!

    1. You have never seen him (hubby)? I think I have posted a few very few but hes in there somewhere. Also that is my friends son he is not my kid. I wish.

  3. you made me so hungry right now!
    between the pho and the sushi .

    you look really pretty in the first picture !
    you should make it a button for your blog ♥

    MELINA ♥

  4. Haha I don't want this to sound creepy at all but I can tell we are so much a like! I hiked camelback this week with my bf, ate chicken pho, bought the wet & wild glitter polish, and ate sushi. BTW I must know where you bought your lita wedge heels in the first pic, I've been dying for a pair! And you are gorgeous!


    1. That is awesome we did all that stuff together. Great minds think alike. The Lola Wedges are from our online store called Fancy Steps please like the page on FB for more details.

  5. That's such a cute first pic of you & your man! You're so lovely. I love that vintage tray you found. It's just beautiful!