Monday, June 13, 2011

Casual Coral

Hello beauties. This was a very busy weekend for me as I did some extra "time" at work and this cut my weekend short. I felt as if during the week I was constantly rushing and running late for something even if that was not the case. I hardly had nay time for "me" time as I was running errands and getting things organized.

Below is a simple outfit I put together. Coral tunic against a pop of turquoise for contrast and some understated random accessories just to mix things up a bit. I think I will have to get more coral items in my closet as many people complimented me on how good this color looked on me, I was flattered! Hope you girls like what you see.

Tunic: Forever21 Pants: Almost Famous Necklace: Charlotte Russe Bangle: My sister's

Sandals: (Circa 2010 Steve Madden)

Leather bag: (Mexico City Trip Circa: 2003)

Silly me: Borrowed my sisty's shades.


  1. Coral is my favorite color =)

    You look very pretty =)

  2. Cute! I bought the same top!!!! I will post soon :)

  3. I like the old look of the bag....the ones worn in are always the best.

    You look great Aggie!


  4. omg look how skinny you are looking hot girl ~~~ that color does look perfect on you

  5. I love your shirt and sunglasses :)