Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Beauties!

Wishing you all a great Valentine's day this is a day to appreciate and show our love for our friends and family as well as a significant other you may have or not. I am very close to my family, friends, and my hunny so this is just an extra day to show it but everyday does not go by without me or us showing the love, care and respect for each other. We are truly blessed to have one another. XOXOX.

Valentine's Dinner @ Brazilian Steakhouse

My outfit: Top: Wet Seal Skirt: F21

Simple side swept hair

Rose detail on the shoulder

Retro Earrings

Ring: ?? (Circa 2009) Bracelet: F21 (Circa 2010)

Shoes: AMI Clubwear

My goodies he always gets me Lions (I'm a LEO)

Cute pastel pink box w/ bow

Aww so happy and filled with joy.

Thank you for making this Valentine's Day so perfect and a very special day/night. XOXOX


  1. great pics! love the outfit, how was ordering from ami clubwear? i never do cause ive read bad reviews abot them

  2. Oh wowyou looked fabulous, lucky guy! Your makeup had your face glowing gorgeous.

  3. You look gorgeous! I love your industrial piercing too! Did it hurt to get? :)

  4. Happy Valentines Day to you too!
    Cute outfit..
    aww the lion how thoughtful =)

  5. wow the whole look is amazing. love how your wearing red for vday & your makeup is flawless. hope you had a wonderful vdaay

  6. You look so cute! Perfect for the occasion!

  7. you my dear look amazing smoking hot in that red !!! looks like you had amazing time !!! thanks for the sweet comment on my post your so sweet !!!

  8. You are a gorgeous woman!!! Looks like it was a good one for you :)


  9. Loving your blog!

  10. How great! You looked amazing and feel even more amazing with that ring on your finger!

    Check me out when you get the chance!

  11. I am a leo too! WOHOO omg wtf? i have not been getting the update on your posts i don't know why!!! :( i am following you already so i have no idea whats going on. I am going to unfollow you then follow you again...and hopefully that will fix the problem.

    btw you look great in red. hugs!